4408-KT     Thermal Resistance Tester

The TESEC Thermal Resistance ΔVGS Tester Model 4408-KT measures thermal resistance for Compound semiconductor(GaN/GaAs FET/HEMT) as ΔVGS resulting from the temperature rise during power forcing, compares ΔVGS with limits, decides the result for binning, and displays VGS1, VGS2 and ΔVGS on the LCD panel.
By inputting a thermal coefficient to the tester, it directly displays the raised temperature of the junction.
The tester is furnished with the functions of the contact check and the oscillation detection to prevent measurement errors caused by contact failures and oscillation for improved testing reliability.
In addition, the tester has a device protection circuit which prevents devices from being damaged at the start of an avalanche.
・It is designed for Compound semiconductor(GaN/GaAs FET/HEMT).
・Both Enhancement mode and Depletion mode is available.
・High power force (VDS:70Vmax,ID:20Amax,Power:350W/500ms)
・The optimum for GaN, GaAs or RF Power devices of cellular
  base-station,satellite communications and broadcast.
・Multi-testing can be performed.
・The contact check function prevents measurement errors and
  mis-binning due to contact failure.
・GATE LIMIT voltage for MOSFET measurement can be set and the
   tester is furnished with a device protection circuit from overheating.
・The tester can be controlled externally through the GP-IB or
  RS-232-C interface.
・The functional check can be conducted by using 4321-AB(Option).

Forcing Voltage(VDS)
01.0~ 70.0V
Forcing Current(ID)
00.01~ 20.00A
Measuring Current(IM)
000.1~ 999.9mA
Gate Forcing Voltage(VGS)
Power Forcing Time(PT)
100us ~ 9.99s
Delay Time(DT)
010 ~ 999us
Lower Limit
Upper Limit
Measurement Range
 VGS1: 0000.0 ~ 2000.0 mV   △VGS: 0000.0~999.9 mV
*For details, please refer to the standard specification sheets of each product.
*The attached picture is the special version which has the DUT connection at upper part of Head Box.  
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