4391-LV     Inductive Load Tester

The 4391-LV is a programmable coil type inductive load tester for MOSFET. It observes the waveforms of VD and ID at the turn off of the MOSFET and judges whether the voltage raised by the inductance passes within the limited range of V-Gate.
・Programmable Inductive Load Coil(10uH - 99.99mH)
・Kelvin Test, Pre and Post Open/Short Test
・Single/Dual Die Test
・N/P Channel
・Typical Test Time = 50ms
・Current and Voltage Waveforms are captured,
 stored and analyzed
・Energy Compensation
 (Watchdog monitors measured value against 
 Program and implements correction as needed)

 Maximum IL Current(Ids)
0.5 - 99.9A/0.1A resolution
100 - 200A/1.0A resolution
 Maximum Voltage(Vds)
 Gate Voltage(Vgs)
20.0V/0.1 step
 Inductive load bank
Programmable 10uH - 99.99mH/10uH step
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