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881-TT/A     381-TT/P     Discrete Device Test System

The 881-TT/A is a high performance test system which covers wide range of discrete semiconductor devices from small signal devices to power devices. As the most popular tester in the world corresponding to the steady progress of semiconductor devices in specifications and performance, 881-TT/A has received high estimation in its reliability.
・1kV/20A Capability in Main Frame
・Parallel Test Capability (381-TT/P)

Test Method
・TBB : Test By Branch
・TBS : Test By Sort

Software Options
• Conversion software to CSV file format which
   can be used for data analysis on Excel
• Wafer map display software
• Lot process function (available for customizing)
• Tester control function from an extended
   unit by RS232C

Host CPU
Personal Computer
Operating System 
Microsoft(R) Windows(R)
Test Mode
Data Display
Test Stations
1x 52x 2
Max Voltage
999V(*3000V/5000V option)
Max Current
20A(*100A/200A/300A/600A/1,200A option)
Test Plan
Sort Plan
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