431-TT     Discrete Device Test System

The Model 431-TT is Tesec’s newest DC Parametric Test System which employs a new Architecture with V/I Source Measurement Modules. 
The 431-TT is designed for Power Device testing and features high-speed test measurement and data capture, parallel device testing, auto-calibration, and an on-screen Waveform Monitor.

・VI Source Measure Modules Structure
・1.2KV、65A(C-E 130A, 200A option)
 Capability in Main Frame
・High Speed Measurement
・Multi devices Measurement
・Wafer Parallel Measurement
・Auto Calibration Function
・On Screen Waveform Monitor
・High Current Unit, High Voltage Unit as option

 Host CPU
Personal Computer
 Operating System 
 Test Mode
 Data Display (Bias)
4 digits
 Data Display (Measure)
5 digits
 Test Stations
2 Station/Analog Unit(4 Stations as option)
 Max Voltage
1.2kV (2kV mainframe / 5kV external unit as option)
 Max Current65A, for C-E 130A (200A option)  (1200A external as option unit)
 Test Item
 Sort Item 
※※Max Current is limited to 50A for usage of 5kV unit.
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