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TESEC has developed the Film Frame Test Handler that can test after the dicing process and the Die Sorter that sort into the tape based on the MAP data for QFN and WLCSP packages. We also announced the start of sales for a new family of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) handlers, the ULTRA Series. Tesec adopts the use of advanced aerospace motion technology in the ULTRA Series to achieve higher accuracy, better efficiency and faster throughput.  The ULTRA Series products provide an industry best in lowering Cost of Ownership, “COO” and Cost of Test, “COT”!
Adjustment and Inspection

Advanced technology and repeated fine-tuning represent the foundation for maintaining optimal mechanical performance for smooth device transfers, sure contact, accurate measurement, correct classification, and clear marking. Inspection is conducted, depending upon the required specifications which may call for performance analysis, appearance and other approaches. TESEC utilizes an uncompromising system of adjustment aided by cutting-edge technical expertise to maintain the accuracy of TESEC semiconductor test equipment.


We apply TESEC technical expertise flexibly to support diverse specifications. Our engineers draw on years of accumulated experience and knowledge while carefully considering product details and practical issues, from the ideal precision of each component to its fabrication procedure, from relevant processing levels to final assembly. In our efforts to achieve complete customer satisfaction, we combine design and production programs to maintain high standards and deliver comprehensive solutions.

After-Sales Service

TESEC’s service network extends to semiconductor industry zones around the world. Combined with the strength of the company’s engineering expertise, this network represents a valuable asset and a point of considerable professional pride for us.
TESEC enjoys the trust of customers in many areas. To keep their equipment running at optimal levels after delivery, we have established bases in the United States, France, Malaysia, and China. Prompt maintenance is available from technicians on call.

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